Proto plans to open the Dahu and Baoshan greenhouses as sightseeing farms, allowing consumers to learn how to produce delicious and pesticide-free fresh strawberries through an intelligent system, and recruiting members to pick strawberries or have them delivered to designated locations. In addition, container-type smart greenhouses have been developed, offering container rental and sales services, which can also be converted into cafes or war rooms. In 2023, we plan to open a strawberry-themed store selling strawberry drinks, desserts, and fresh strawberry fruits, with all raw materials sourced from Proto Smart Farm.

We hope to share the purest and non-toxic strawberry products with everyone.

Open sales and rental of container-type smart greenhouses, with planting guidance. Grow pesticide-free strawberries for personal sale or acquisition by Proto.

Farmer friends are welcome to cooperate with us. Proto will guide the cultivation of pesticide-free strawberries and assist in subsequent inspections, and then purchase them at a price better than the market.

Join our membership adoption system to learn about pesticide-free strawberry production. Choose seedlings at the sightseeing farm and track growth via mobile internet. Harvest yourself or have us deliver ripe strawberries.

If you want to know more about Proto Intelligent related services, please contact us.

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