Breeding Tissue Culture Laboratory

We produce healthy tissue culture seedlings using virus-free technology and domesticated seedlings. Our seedlings pass government disease verification and we implement a healthy breeding system. We offer efficient cultivation and preserve various strawberry varieties in tissue culture. We have developed four patented varieties and are preparing to launch new ones.

Environment Controlling Facility
Non-toxic Planting Experimental Area

Protosol Intelligent Crop Cloud monitors and records crop growth, predicts weather and pests, and manages emergencies with AI. It promotes non-toxic planting by recycling waste as fertilizers.

Development of Non-toxic High-quality Processed Beverages

We freeze and process fresh strawberries into juice, frozen strawberries, beer, jelly, dried fruit, and jam. Our factory can also produce customized products for customers.

Strawberry Beer Series
Strawberry Jam, Mixed Berry Jam
Strawberry&Lemon Fruit Jelly
Strawberry Pastry Gift Box

Public Welfare Cooperation in Agriculture, Culture and Creativity

We promote food awareness and respect for the environment. Proto partners with Xinlu Foundation to produce pesticide-free strawberries. The foundation’s disabled friends make delicious strawberry pastries from our raw materials. Our products convey care for the public and the land.

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